Food Access

We deliver healthy nonperishables and fresh produce directly to the doorsteps of children across Orange County every week. We began serving 12 elementary school children in 2008 and have grown to 950 children, ages 0-20. TABLE meets the needs of local children and their families through several different programs.


This is our flagship food delivery service program where we fill bags with locally grown produce and a variety of nonperishables that are hand delivered to our kids’ doorsteps every week. Each week’s menu is based on our nutritionist-approved guidelines and accommodates individual allergy and dietary needs where appropriate. We try to include items kids love and can prepare themselves and items that fit their family’s cultural preferences.

TABLE Marketplace

Launched as a pilot in the Summer of 2021, Marketplace is a free, fully customizable service designed to give families agency, create opportunities for kids to try new foods, & increase dignity surrounding food assistance. 

Parents/guardians select the types of foods their families prefer and the quantities they need to feed their families. Families participating in Marketplace can choose to pick up their food or have it delivered directly to their homes every week.

In the first two years, data showed children whose families participated in Marketplace had even greater health outcomes than TABLE@Home. As a result, we’ve made Marketplace permanent, are scaling up, and are determining how to add more customization into TABLE@Home similar to what we offer in Marketplace.

“We’ve tried lots of new fruits and veggies and foods we wouldn’t have tried otherwise, and my family is eating healthier because of TABLE.”

“The [Marketplace] program is a great way to help families feel a sense of autonomy of items they need, and more culturally appropriate for each of us.”

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