Farm Partnerships

Connecting kids with locally grown produce

30% of TABLE’s purchased fresh food was bought from local farmers during 2022/23

TABLE partners with local and BIPOC-owned farms to give our kids the freshest produce while also helping to provide a stable revenue stream for farmers and support a sustainable food system.

This approach reflects our commitment to people, health, and sustainability while also supporting our Good Food Values that guide us in making conscious and thoughtful choices about the food we source and provide to the kids in our program. 

Sankofa Farms

Sankofa Farms LLC is a multifaceted agricultural entity that seeks to assist in changing the food intake habits of those living in and affected by food deserts. The goal of Sankofa Farms is to create a sustainable food source for minorities in both rural and urban areas located in Durham and Orange County, North Carolina.

Wildflower Lane Farm

Wildflower Lane Farm is a small organic, regenerative farm located in western Orange County, NC. The farm is 24 acres, with one acre dedicated to growing organic produce for TABLE, along with an outdoor kitchen and dining area for events. Volunteer labor powers the farm, while TABLE provides for the materials. This formula allows Wildflower Lane to grow and deliver fresh organic produce the same day it is picked at a cost of 20% of the normal retail cost found in stores.

Gabor Farms

Gabor Farms, Veteran owned, began its inception as a traditional farm in 2016. In 2020 during the food crisis, they removed 2 acres of forestry and planted multiple 100’ grow tunnels, new strawberry beds, and additional specialty melon beds. During the height of COVID, they introduced mushrooms to their growing operation due to their nutrient density, versatility, and ability to scale as needed.

Farmer Foodshare

Farmer Foodshare is a food hub that bridges the gap between farmers and customers. They source fresh food year-round from small and mid-scale North Carolina farms and producers and sell it wholesale to a host of organizations — schools and universities, grocery stores and restaurants, and hunger relief agencies. This creates new revenue opportunities for small farms that otherwise would not grow in sufficient volume to sell directly to large institutions.

Elysian Fields Farm

Located in Cedar Grove, NC, Elysian Fields Farm was founded in 2001 and is now entering its 24th year in production and CSA management. They attend the Saturday Carrboro Farmers’ Market yet have always been primarily a CSA farm and deliver to our members twice weekly. Their CSA delivery is available to Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Hillsborough.

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