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Who We Are


TABLE delivers healthy food and nutrition education to children in Orange County, North Carolina.


We envision a community where all children have equitable access to nutritious food and knowledge in order to experience optimal health, well-being, and dignity.

Our Goals

Through our food access and nutrition education programs, our goals are to:

  • Improve children’s overall health
  • Increase children’s knowledge of nutrition, positive attitudes toward healthy eating, and/or long-term healthy eating habits
  • Ensure kids and families are engaged, involved, and feel dignified
  • Ensure kids have access to and eat sufficient nutritious food

What Makes Us Unique

  • The only local non-profit focused exclusively on childhood hunger in Orange County.
  • A one-of-a-kind food distribution model delivering food directly to children at their home every week ensuring transportation is never a barrier to accessing food.
  • We serve children of 7 different ethnicities and accommodate their dietary needs by adjusting their bags of food for allergies, vegetarian/vegan requests, and ethnic & religious special diets.
  • Our bags of food contain 50% fresh produce, with a majority of it coming from local farms when available, and 50% healthy nonperishables based on dietary guidelines. And, our menus have been reviewed by nutritionists.
Kid with Lettuce

Our Core Values


We trust one another to act and speak with transparency, integrity, and respect. We work hard to achieve our shared goals and assume the best intentions of one another.


We work together collaboratively to achieve our mission; promoting an environment that fosters friendship and loyalty; cooperating, compromising, and supporting one another in our own diverse strengths.


We are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of the children in our community by working hard, adapting to meet the needs of the kids we serve, engaging and involving the families we serve, and carrying out our mission for years to come.


We prioritize people above all else, valuing those who serve and are served by TABLE, treating them with kindness, dignity, and respect.

Our Commitment to DEI

Everyone is welcome at TABLE

TABLE’s core values of trust, teamwork, commitment, and people reflect our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and are at the core of our policies and procedures.

TABLE is committed to fostering a culture that embraces DEI in all aspects of our work – from how we build our team, to how we work with our volunteers and donors, to how we interact with and serve our children and families. Our commitment to DEI is not just a statement; it is a fundamental part of our mission to provide food access and nutrition education to all, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, ability, disability, gender, culture, and sexual orientation. We do this all to build a stronger, more resilient community at TABLE.

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