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Help TABLE deliver healthy meals and snacks to local kids every week!


Delivering healthy food and nutrition education to kids in Orange County North Carolina since 2008


Of non-perishables and fresh food distributed to local kids since 2008.

“TABLE’s impact spreads wide among families in Orange County, and our children’s health is flourishing for it!”


Healthy meals & snacks delivered since 2008

“Just knowing there is a glimmer of hope for food for my son is a wonderful blessing within itself! Forever Grateful!”


Local children served every week

51% of families say their children have experienced improved physical, mental, AND emotional health because of TABLE.


We Do This

Because 1 in 3 kids in Orange County are living with food insecurity. These kids are at a greater risk for slower cognitive development, obesity, long term health issues, and behavior problems. No child should have to wonder when their next meal will be. With TABLE, they no longer have to.


We Do

TABLE delivers healthy, nutritious food directly to the homes of 1000 children every week. And, we incorporate nutrition education into our food delivery program to ensure kids are not only given access to the food they need but also learn healthy eating habits to sustain them into the future.



TABLE has distributed 2,880,000 nutritious snacks and meals to local kids since 2008. What does this mean for families? 90% who receive a weekly bag of food say, “It helps ease a financial burden on their family.”  Because of TABLE, they can more easily afford housing, transportation, & groceries.

95 percent of parents agree

their child eats more fruit and vegetables per week because of TABLE

57% of parents agree

their child has improved access to nutritious food because of TABLE

TABLE is such an easy way to make a difference in a young person’s life.

Table Setter Donor

I really like to see my mom’s happy face when she receives the TABLE bags at our home!

Mom of an elementary student

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