Why I Give Back

By Kemisa Kassa I was born and raised in Southern California but relocated to North Carolina for school. I chose to continue my education at UNC Greensboro in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Master’s program. I prioritize learning about social issues and...

Why Don’t Families Just Make Healthier Choices?

TABLES's Volunteer & Nutrition Education Director, Abi Warmack, offers some answers to a question she receives a lot, “why don’t families just make healthier choices when it comes to eating?” “A healthy meal choice is more complicated than choosing to eat more...

Abi Warmack

Fighting The Stigma Of Food Insecurity, One Step At A Time

TABLE’s Director of Development, Harmony Chavis, shares her thoughts in our latest blog on how each of us can contribute to fighting the stigma of food insecurity. Sometimes the little things can lead to something bigger.  “No one person can change the stigma...

Talking to Children About Hunger

Talking to our little ones about childhood hunger can be challenging. It is tough (regardless of whether we are in need of food at home or in a position to give to others) to explain why some children have full pantries at home and full lunchboxes at school, while others don’t.

Delivering Healthy Food and Hope to Local Children

By Ashton Tippins, Executive Director, TABLE For many children, being hungry is only a temporary feeling. When they are hungry, they simply open their refrigerator or look in the pantry to find something to eat and their hunger is alleviated. But, what happens when...

Volunteer 7 Chalkboard

Q&A with Edna Lewis, Renowned Chef of Southern Cooking

Edna Lewis lived a long, beautiful life from April 1916 to February 2006. Her legacy still lives on today. Answers have been adapted from an article in The New York Times by Francis Lam entitled “Edna Lewis and the Black Roots of American Cooking.”

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