Fighting The Stigma Of Food Insecurity, One Step At A Time

TABLE’s Director of Development, Harmony Chavis, shares her thoughts in our latest blog on how each of us can contribute to fighting the stigma of food insecurity. Sometimes the little things can lead to something bigger.  “No one person can change the stigma...

Talking to Children About Hunger

Talking to our little ones about childhood hunger can be challenging. It is tough (regardless of whether we are in need of food at home or in a position to give to others) to explain why some children have full pantries at home and full lunchboxes at school, while others don’t.

Delivering Healthy Food and Hope to Local Children

By Ashton Tippins, Executive Director, TABLE For many children, being hungry is only a temporary feeling. When they are hungry, they simply open their refrigerator or look in the pantry to find something to eat and their hunger is alleviated. But, what happens when...

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Q&A with Edna Lewis, Renowned Chef of Southern Cooking

Edna Lewis lived a long, beautiful life from April 1916 to February 2006. Her legacy still lives on today. Answers have been adapted from an article in The New York Times by Francis Lam entitled “Edna Lewis and the Black Roots of American Cooking.”

Collard Greens: Fun Facts & Recipes

While most people consider collard greens to be a “southern” food, they are also a popular vegetable in other types of regional cooking. They can be combined with pasta for an Italian meal, included in a variety of Spanish soups, and have been used in African and Mexican sauce recipes.

Make An Impact By Delivering for TABLE

Laura Dille, TABLE's Director of Operations, shared this story about delivering for TABLE prior to the pandemic. While our operations have changed to delivering directly to kids homes every week, not just during inclement weather, Laura's experience is why so may...

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A Bag Filled With Hope

For the nearly 7000 children in Orange County who rely on free and reduced meals, TABLE's TABLE@Home food access program reduces their risk for hunger by providing healthy, fresh food they can rely on every week. What actually goes into a typical bag from...

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