TABLE has been serving local children since 2008. With the support of our community members through their generous donations of time, food and money, we have been able to make a lasting impact on the lives of the kids living in Orange County. 

Our Numbers

Meals Delivered


meals & snacks delivered
since 2008

Meals Delivered

1000 kids

served per week
12 kids in 2008

Meals Delivered

430 homes

served per week
1 school in 2008

“TABLE brings joy to my doorstep every single week.”

Number of Bags Distributes

“I like to see my mom’s face when she receives the TABLE bags at our home.”

Meals Delivered


pounds of local produce distributed

Meals Delivered


pounds of nonperishables & fresh food delivered

Meals Delivered


value of weekly volunteer hours worked

“I cannot thank you enough. I didn’t even realize how much we were 
compromising our nutrition until we started eating so much better.”

Our Families

Meals Delivered

91% agree

Their kids have improved access to nutritious food

Our Kids

“Thank you for the groceries. You all are a blessing to my family and everyone you help. It’s a struggle but it’s less of a struggle when you have help.”


51% of families

say their children’s physical, emotional, and mental health has improved since receiving food from TABLE

Meals Delivered


say their child eats more fruits and veggies because of TABLE

“TABLE has made a huge impact on my boys fruit and veggie intake.”

Our Community

Meals Delivered


volunteer hours

“Volunteering at TABLE is a highlight for my child each week! 
It’s very meaningful to him to feel that he’s helping, and he loves it!”

Meals Delivered

farm partners

partnerships with local and BIPOC-owned
farms help provide farmers a stable revenue
stream and supports a sustainable food system 

“I never saw a farm as just a place to grow crops. I saw it as a place to grow possibilities.” — Kamal Bell, Founder, Sankofa Farms

Meals Delivered

business partners

have given thousands of hours and dollars
to TABLE and they grow through
brand awareness and employee bonding

“I never want any child, anywhere, to EVER go hungry.” 
– Jamil Kadoura, owner, Mediterranean Deli

Meals Delivered


TABLE depends on the generosity of donors to carry out its mission

“Thank you for the marvelous work everyone at TABLE does to provide for the essential nutrition needs for children and their families.”

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