Juliana Chovil

Juliana joined TABLE as the Family Engagement Coordinator in November of 2023. She welcomes new families to the program, assists with daily family needs, plans family events, is fluent in Spanish and translates when needed, and partners with the community to ensure a positive participant experience.

Her favorite part about TABLE is the culture and climate you can feel when you walk in the door. Whether it’s her colleagues, the volunteers, or the families, she enjoys the positive energy and kindness that radiates at TABLE.

Juliana is from Bogota, Colombia. Her family moved to Carrboro in 2000. She joined TABLE to support immigrant and Spanish-speaking families, much like her own, to ensure they feel welcomed and valued. She is passionate about providing an inclusive and equitable experience to all our TABLE families. When she’s not working to help others, you can find her reading, exploring nature, spending time with loved ones, or embracing new ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

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