Abi Warmack

Abi joined TABLE’s staff as Volunteer Coordinator in 2021, managing our volunteer base, nutrition education program, and food supply. 

Abi’s favorite TABLE experience was talking to a child while her mom picked up food at TABLE. “Do you have candy here?” The girl asked. “My birthday is coming up and I want to make goody bags for my friends who come to my birthday party!” Abi explained that we don’t usually have candy on our shelves, but we have a lot of other great snacks. Abi showed her our snack shelf & she was very excited to pick out some Pirate’s Booty to share with her friends.

A graduate of UNC’s Masters of Social Work program, Abi lives in Durham with her husband and daughter. She enjoys knitting, pretending to read while actually taking a nap, and perfecting her homemade ice cream recipe.

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