Volunteer Scheduling

Volunteer Scheduling

Delivery Shifts

Pick up bags of food from TABLE, along with a list of addresses. Drive to each destination for contactless delivery, put food on doorstep, knock, and head to the next address!

Bagging & Sorting Shifts

Shifts are available each week for assembling bags of food and sorting donations.

Pick Up & Drop Off

Assist TABLE with picking up and dropping off recycling, compost, and groceries.

Farm Work

Prepare garden beds, plant, harvest, deliver produce and other farm-related cleaning and work.

Kids Shifts

Parents and children will work together to make bags of non-perishable food items for TABLE kids.

Group  Volunteers

Volunteer with your group of 5-10 people to support our food access programs!

Assemble bags of non-perishable food conveniently with your group of any size, at the time, and at a location of your choice. Your group will provide the food items. TABLE can provide a list of most wanted food items.

Develop your own creative event that best fits your group and supports TABLE programs!

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