Here is where you will find key information about TABLE, resources for volunteers, our families, and other local hunger resources, as well as local and national hunger statistics. If you need further information, feel free to contact us.

Ashton Tippins

How to encourage picky eaters to eat!

TABLE’s Executive Director, Ashton Tippins, shares her tips on how to creatively incorporate fruits and veggies into our children’s diets and how to encourage them to try new foods!

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Delivering Healthy Food and Hope to Local Children

For many children, being hungry is only a temporary feeling. When they are hungry, they simply open their refrigerator or look in the pantry to find something to eat and their hunger is alleviated. But, what happens when there isn’t anything fresh in the refrigerator or healthy in the pantry to satisfy those hunger pains?

Collard Greens: Fun Facts & Recipes

While most people consider collard greens to be a “southern” food, they are also a popular vegetable in other types of regional cooking. They can be combined with pasta for an Italian meal, included in a variety of Spanish soups, and have been used in African and Mexican sauce recipes.

Blue Zones And Their Influence At TABLE

Did you know some places on earth boast life expectancies of 100 years or more? These areas are called Blue Zones and this is where longevity and vitality reign supreme. Together, we’re going to dive into where these places are located, what factors make living past 100 possible, how TABLE incorporates these factors similarly into our programs.

How To Talk To Your Kids About Food Insecurity

Suzanne talks about the importance of talking with our kids about hunger and food insecurity and how you and your kids can give back together. Teaching our kids to help others will help them grow up with compassion & empathy to better their community as adults.

TABLE Closes $3.25M Capital Campaign

TABLE Announces the Successful Completion Of Its Room to Grow Capital Campaign  $3,250,000 Raised to Support Hunger Relief Nonprofit’s Move Into A Permanent Space To Serve More Orange County Children Carrboro, NC (August 24, 2023) –TABLE, a Carrboro-based nonprofit...

Creating Meaningful Relationships With Our Families

The families we serve are at the heart of everything we do at TABLE. By collaborating with and listening to the parents of the kids who participate in our programs, we have created programs that better address their specific needs and hired engagement staff to make...

Q&A with Edna Lewis, Renowned Chef of Southern Cooking

Edna Lewis lived a long, beautiful life from April 1916 to February 2006. Her legacy still lives on today. Answers have been adapted from an article in The New York Times by Francis Lam entitled “Edna Lewis and the Black Roots of American Cooking.”

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