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Latest Initiatives

Delivering nutrition education directly to children at home

To better serve our children during remote learning, we are piloting new nutrition educational initiatives through our hunger relief program. These new programs continue to offer kids the opportunity to learn about healthy eating habits, try new foods, and enjoy fun activities in the kitchen, all while learning from home.

We will continue to update this page as new programs are introduced!


Explorers@Home was introduced in the fall 2020 semester. It was created as a way to fill the gap while children were remote learning and unable to take advantage of our SnackChef program through the after school centers. 

Each month a new interactive packet is sent home with every bag of food featuring information about healthy eating, a new recipe for children to try at home, and a fun new kid-friendly kitchen utensil!

Some examples of what children have received through Explorers@Home include information about how important it is to drink water with a wacky reusable straw. Another lesson looked at nutrients – what they are and why we need them, and included a brightly colored nylon knife, garlic, honey, and soy sauce to make a delicious stir fry. We also shared information about added sugar versus natural sugar and highlighted a recipe for sweet potato toast. A brightly colored vegetable peeler was included and some yummy toppings for the toast – bananas, jelly, and peanut butter!