North Carolina News Daily, June 18, 2020

TABLE, a hunger relief organization local to Carrboro, is one of many bright spots in Orange County. They’ve been able to illuminate the lives of nearly 700 children during this pandemic, after completely shifting feeding strategies to ensure local children are well-fed throughout this prodigious year.

Now and Then

Imagine the quaint 1,900 square foot headquarters, where 10 masked heroes meet Monday through Thursday. Each of them works diligently to organize food deliveries, stock shelves and fill bags with nourishing foods. Ten is the maximum amount that can safely squeeze into the space while allowing for the 6-foot spacing requirements. Ten, invited in only after completing their COVID-19 screening form, washing their hands and donning gloves.

It’s a scene vastly different from the pre-pandemic atmosphere, when the room would be filled with volunteers, groups of ‘regulars’ taking time each Thursday to pack “weekend bags” for children to bring home after school each Thursday. When the virus hit Orange County, the social distancing didn’t only place restrictions on volunteers. Many of the retiree regulars were asked to stay at home as they were at a higher risk for COVID-19. This cut in volunteers sent TABLE scurrying to find new volunteers to aid in packing and delivering bags.

One such hero of TABLE is Suzanne Tormollen, Director of Community Relations. Suzanne kindly took time out from her full schedule to fill me in on their current hunger relief efforts.

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